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New catalogues are ready
New catalogues are ready
  We updated our Mechanical components and Articulated drawbars' catalogues
Divisione oleodinamica
  Rudiflex Oleodynamic
  Hydraulic power packs at double stage, complete with valves groups and electrovalves, flexible and shaped hoses, specific fittings on drawing or on sample obtained...
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Divisione oleodinamica
  Rudiflex Mechanical
  Oleodynamic components kit - hoses- carpentry, axles and shaft axles, ylinders...
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Innovation, quality and service. Always.

Innovation, experience, quality, reliability, productive flexibility and a service oriented towards the customer, are the topical points of Rudiflex business philosophy, always turned to solve the problems of each customer in the best way, succeeding in guarantee un efficient, quick and exclusive service...

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